Confidence and Arrogance

So much of art making is clouded by questions. Is this really a worthy occupation, what is the meaning of what I am doing, who cares about something that has no practical application, who am I to think that my work is worth lots of money, how can I justify using up resources to make new things when even my old things sit around taking up space and with no one around that wants them and what makes me think I can succeed elsewhere when I am barely managing here? To answer in the affirmative to these and numerous other doubts and questions may seem like arrogance to some.

It is just a fact of life that we live in a materialistic society that has little time for what may seem like self-indulgence.

On the other hand, the very same artist making the exact same things could be considered somewhat of a hero. He is sticking to his guns, braving the winds of adversity, being true to his most dearly held beliefs, and fighting the good fight. This could be considered confidence, having the courage of one’s convictions, faith and stamina. Here is a man to admire not admonish.

So which man is he, the arrogant and selfish bastard, or the generous and gracious prophet? Could he be a little of both? If an artist does not make time for his creative work, which is after all selfish time spent, then he will not get much work done. If he is not introspective and questioning of himself and his world then he will not have much depth in his work either.

Maybe we are just talking about semantics, arrogance or confidence, who cares? Just be good and share your work with the world.

George Woollard Print


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