The old adage that you have only one shot to get a watercolor painting right is correct. Transparent color over transparent color usually makes mud.  But if we admit our failure, and dismiss the need to be a purist, then there are indeed many avenues open to “correcting” the painting.  This painting was first made … More Revisiting


“Reflections” is a piece about facets. The different planes have the role of catching light in a variety of ways but also are metaphors for the different aspects of my life. Where the planes intersect are edges that are also lines. These lines are nuanced, they vary in dimension. In this sense, they are colorful, … More Reflections

Thank You

Our exhibition “Wire and Wood” at Koa Gallery is now history. We are so grateful to all of our friends and family that supported us with so much affection and good will, and everyone who came to see the show. We tried to put on a show that was both visually and intellectually provocative and … More Thank You

Having a Show

What is there about showing a body of work? Months, even years of effort spent pounding away at stubborn materials to make a presentation results in what? Maybe, if you are lucky there are a couple of sales. Very likely, everything comes home to take up valuable space and remind you of your inadequacies. This … More Having a Show

Artist’s Statement

I am looking for emotional resonance, a coming together of mind, body and sensation. This resonance could be thought of as a sense of color or light. The wood was, until recently alive, standing tall and expressing great vitality. Cutting it down arrests this growth but allows it to gradually dry, crack, rot and generally … More Artist’s Statement

Wire and Wood

My wife, Jinja Kim and I are having an art show at the Koa Art Gallery at KCC. We call it “ Wire and Wood”. It is a collaboration where we show our differing sensibilities, hers being light and airy and mine being heavy and dense. In both our works there is the intention to … More Wire and Wood

One and the same

Is it just coincidence that the colors of my sculptures are virtually identical to the colors of the plants outside? And what about the wood? Well, that came from the large Lychee that I cut down that was growing about twenty feet away. And the forms? There are banana trees in the vicinity and roundish … More One and the same